Integrative Soul Technology?

What is Integrative Soul Technology?


Integrative Soul Technology is a life altering technique that can instantly transform your old worn out Personas into a unified Being of dynamic energy.

Integrative Soul Technology addresses body, mind and spirit as an integrated unit, rather than treating any of these levels separately.


People discover their power and abilities that they never realized they had… to instantly transmute energy within themselves by being a witness to their behavior and taking action to convert stagnant energy into productive, cooperative and congruent energy.


 The Integrative Soul Technology process, (IST), was created by Christel Hughes, C.Ht. after many years of learning and being in therapeutic practice. Integrative Soul Technology is a powerful process that goes to the core of the problem, shifting the energetic patterns that keep physical symptoms, destructive emotions, life-depleting habits and negative thought forms in place. This simple, but powerful process transforms your old worn out Personas that can get in the way of you being your authentic self. 



The central idea in the Integrative Soul Technology process is that the Lower Self contains an infinite number of Personas and hence one can take up an infinite number of perspectives. They are all competing to be heard and to act out on the "stage of Life". Because they are "hidden" or suppressed, they are not well managed and manifest at times when reactionary measures need to be taken. (e.g. losing one's temper).


Proponents of the Integrative Soul Technology process take the position that by very clearly bringing out each Character into full consciousness, the Persona loses its strong capacity to control and instead can be transformed to display itself in a healthy manner.



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To experience this powerful, life transforming process contact Vicki Standish, to arrange an appointment. Sessions can be done in person, on the phone or by skype.