I just want to say thank you for speaking with me last week on the telephone when I called from New Brunswick concerning my daughter, Alexandra and her SI joint/ rotated pelvis and hip issue. Our conversation led me to a wonderful lady in Fredericton, Vicki Standish, who is trained in several holistic healing modalities, including Quantum Touch. She saw Alexandra the very next day and 2 hours later, using QT, she walked out without requiring the use of her crutches! Its been almost one week now, and Alexandra is walking so straight, tall and so well balanced, with a spring in her step, and has no pain! We are extremely grateful to have found all you great people that have helped her. She is so excited to be returning to university tomorrow, able to walk!


Kim NB




Vicki Standish has helped me out enormously. She is certainly well qualified and experienced in her field as well as she is most conscientious, with honest and excellent work ethics. She truly enjoys helping others to feel better - no matter what their past experiences have been as she as she is most capable and adept at teaching people how to relieve their stress, anxiety, and or pain. How has Vicki helped me out? She has helped me in an incredible manner and quite quickly, I might add. I have learned so much at helping to better myself through the acquisition of skills and techniques of how to conquer stress, anxiety, fear (i.e.-dental visits), handle negativity around me as well as some physical pain - I have both arthritis and Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Many a time, since this "epiphany" i have often wished that I had had these strategies during my forty plus year teaching career - I am still teaching voluntarily. All of this has helped tremendously in my life - inwardly and outwardly. 


Vicki is intelligent and most conscientious. I have enormous trust and admiration for her and her field - both from which I have had wonderful success. I have become better equipped to handle just about anything  that comes at me as well as having managed to conquer stress in my life. I cannot say enough about Vicki Standish and how much happier and more settled I have become with big and little things we all meet during our lifetime.


Helen M.B Oromocto NB



I came to Vicki suffering from a deep sadness that seemed to be depleting my energy. Also, I was extremely emotional, crying over everything. It is almost unbelievable how much she has helped me, especially using reflexology and thought field therapy, (tapping specific points on my body in a specific order). Vicki is very intuitive and she helped me get to the root of many of my energy blocking emotions. Within a few weeks, I actually felt joyful most of the time........ something that I hadn't felt for many years. She has given me many tools to use between our sessions so that I can help myself when I need to. She has made such a positive difference in my life that I recommend her to everyone!


Diane L Oromocto, NB




Vicki is a caring, highly skilled and insightful healer/practitioner. Her welcoming, respectful, professional and empathetic approach creates an environment of trust and comfort allowing you to openly and honestly deal with issues. The techniques that she employs are highly effective.... identifying, clearing, releasing and healing. Vicki teaches the techniques, giving people the tools they need to continue to benefit in every day life. She encourages the use of the techniques to further assist in stress reduction, peace of mine and increased quality of life. During sessions, Vicki seems to intuitively know when to gently challenge, when to question deeper to get to the root of the issue and she seems to really understand (she gets it !) and is able to assign meaning while remaining judgement free. She helps to free people from inner torment; freeing one to be their best self, clear thinking , accepting, creative and able to really live life. Vicki brings herself to each session by being present and attuned to the person and her/his issues, utilizing her intelligence, positive energy, sense of humour and sharing appropriate and relevant resources. I highly recommend Vicki....your life will be vastly improved.


Mary Louise W  Oromocto NB





Vicki’s teaching helps me to re-connect with myself after years of dis-connect.  Guiding me to recognize and release the “grip” of old belief patterns (about self, relationships, family, finances, authority) that have been emotionally and physically hurting me throughout my life.  Imagine I saw or heard something when I was 9 that created a deep sadness inside of me. Over the years anytime that memory arose the same sadness arose.  Vicki gave me the tools to keep the memory but let go of the sadness.  This allows me to stay on task and not get emotionally bogged down.   Vicki’s natural healing gift her energy work gently compels me to face and let go of buried angst regarding fears of avoidance, guilt, shame, judgment, unworthiness.  First and foremost she helps me bring this fear into the light so I can name it, dig it out and let it go. This deep release creates room for light, love, forgiveness and healing. Vicki has aided me with work-related anxieties; chronic neck stiffness; arch related foot pain, and knee pain, by relieving and alleviating the pain of these physical conditions from the inside out.  Vicki’s insightful, heartfelt and sacred connection to Spirit, God, The Universe and our blessed Angels is present always, a genuine light worker and a generous teacher, thank you Vicki for everything.

Donna C  Fredericton NB





“Thank you so much for all the work you do! I am overowing with gratitude for you. I was blown away by our

session. It was so profound and so deep that words cannot adequately express the experience.

You expertly and compassionately supported me as I cleared so many emotions on many levels. You are truly gifted. It

was such a powerful experience that changed me in ways that are still bearing fruit. Thank you from the bottom of

my heart.”

-In light and love

Dawn Renee Kirsch Sedona AZ



Vicki's new approach and perspective on healing modalities has been a breath of fresh air in my life and vastly improved my well-being. For months, I have been living with physical pain due to stress, negativity and being off balance. Using a mix of healing modalities and tailoring her intuitive healing skills to my personal needs, Vicki was able to help me deal with accumulated stress and release it. As she worked on me, I could feel my physical pain go away and my mood improving. After the first appointment with Vicki, I felt a difference in my stress level and even my posture had improved. My thoughts were clearer, more focus and positive. Vicki gave me the tools that I needed to let go of my old belief system and create a new one. She also taught me some quick and easy techniques that helped me develop new thought patterns that were more positive; allowing me to let go of accumulated baggage that I had been carrying "unknowingly" for years. Using Thought Field Therapy, she was able to get to the core issue of my stress. Vicki intuitively assessed and quickly identified the thought pattern that was causing stress and preventing me from being successful. With her help I was able to release the blocks that were holding me back in life and causing me so much physical, emotional and mental stress. Vicki has helped me tremendously and I am very thankful for her help. Her ability to connect and relate to people makes her a wonderful and very talented healer and intuitive practitioner. She is also a great Reiki Master/Teacher. I completed my Reiki Level 1 with Vicki. I truly enjoyed her interactive teaching technique that made learning Reiki fun and interesting. She is an excellent facilitator and communicator. Thanks to Vicki, I now use Reiki in my daily life. Vicki made such a positive difference in my life; I highly recommend her to everyone.


Ariane Levesque looker Oromocto NB